Saturday Morning is here again!

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Another week has gone by and the weekend has arrived with a wallop. Maybe the weekend started for you last night as you drank and danced the night away? If that’s the case then The Kacast Saturday Morning Show is the perfect hangover cure. Or maybe the weekend doesn’t really[...]


Saturday Morning – Live from Phoenix, Arizona

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When we found out that Steve was going to be away on business this Saturday, we didn’t know how we were going to cope. I mean, yeah he could have prerecorded a show, but it’s just not the same. So imagine our delight when we found out that not only[...]

Kacast Radio

The Saturday Morning Show

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Ladies and Gents, may I present to you… The Saturday Morning Show! A new live broadcast from Kacast Radio. With great music, old and new, your Saturday mornings are going to be pretty damn incredible from here on in. Proven to cause weight loss and increased sexual performance, as well[...]

It's not overcast - It's Kacast :-)

Streaming Trials

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Well, we’re off the ground and playing great music! It’s taken a lot of prep to get this far but here we are. We’re still very much an automated station at present, with our tireless AutoDJ working hard 24/7 (he’s a good boy), but we’ll be throwing in the occasional[...]